Welcome to our farm!
Nestled on forty acres just east of Colorado Springs in the
shadow of the magnificent Pike's Peak, Jor-Ian enjoys a
beautiful climate for horses and horse related activities.
This farm represents the culmination of a lifelong dream
to raise beautiful arabian horses.
After many years of studying pedigrees, bloodlines,
strains and conformation we felt ready to go beyond the
enjoyment of our personal riding horses and enter the
arena of breeding. We found our attention clearly turned
most often to the beautiful Egyptian Arabians.
We particularly loved the look and athleticism of the
Abeyyan strain. So we set out to accumulate horses
which carried this blood. We were fortunate to obtain
three finely bred pure-in-strain Abeyyan horses. The full
siblings, black stallion and two grey mares are now the
nucleus of our program!
We want to thank you for stopping by and enjoying our
horses with us. If you are interested in visiting us in
person, have questions or just want to 'talk horse' please
feel free to
contact us!

PEYTON, CO 80831